VINTAGE 60 17x7 image

VINTAGE 60 17x7

The Vintage 60 17 x 7 has 10 spokes and is styled similar to the wheels used on the original GT40 cars from the 60s. It has a media-blasted center and spoke area and polished outer barrel. The center disc is manufactured from virgin 356 aluminum ingots and heat-treated to a T6 factor. The outer barrel is made from spun 6061 sheet aluminum and has a fully polished front surface. It comes with a 3-3/4 backspace (-6mm offset). It is possible to alter the backspace on this wheel please click here to view a more detailed explanation. This wheel has 7/8 clearance from the axle plane to the backside of the spokes. Includes standard center-cap and lug nuts.

Available in either Ford (5 on 4-1/2") or GM (5 on 4-3/4") bolt patterns. Please specify when ordering.

Price$ 389.75
Shipping and Handling $ 33.00
Bolt Pattern Custom Value:
Backspace Custom Value: