Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do your wheels weigh?

A: Our line of one-piece wheels are all cast in 356 aluminum and weigh between 16-22 lbs. Our two-piece wheels weigh between 18-28 lbs.

Q: What brand of tires do you recommend?

A: We recommend the use of quality name brand tires with a proper speed rating for the driving style you choose. What is the point of spending good money on wheels and then go cheap on tires?

Q: What is the difference between the Vintage 40 and the Vintage 45?

A: The Vintage 40 and the Vintage 45 are very similar to each other. In fact they are identical in every way but one. The spokes on the Vintage 40 are straight and on the Vintage 45 the spokes curve out then back in. This is how they received the "D-spoke" shape name. Click here for more information.

Q: Can I use 13-inch disc brakes with your 16"x8" wheels on my car?

A: 13-inch disc brakes truly require a 17-inch wheel. It is possible however to use a 16-inch wheel with most 13-inch disc brakes. Doing so may require a spacer for proper caliper clearance. Our experience has shown that when more clearance is required a spacer of 1/2 inch or less is usually adequate. For a 16-inch wheel we typically would recommend a disc brake system using a 12-inch rotor.

Q: I have a 65-66 Mustang, why do I need to lower the upper control arm?

A: On 65-66 Mustangs, the suspension is essentially a carry over design from the early Ford Falcons. This suspension was designed to be used in a passenger type car and geometrically holds up poorly in any performance application. Carroll Shelby's engineers came up with a way to modify the suspension and improve the performance characteristics. This is accomplished by relocating the upper control arm down 1-inch and towards the rear of the car 1/8th of an inch. This modification is wide spread through the early Mustang community and has been incorporated with most after market suspension kits like the Pro-Motorsports' "Wedge Kit" or Global West's "Negative-Roll Kit". While these kits incorporate and improve upon the original Shelby modification they are not required to relocate the upper control arms. By lowering the control arms in this manner you will increase cornering power by 8%; this should be the first step in building a performance-oriented machine. The net effect of this modification will lower the front end of your car approximately 1-inch. Because of this, lowered springs are not necessary unless you want the net effect to be an even lower front end.

Q: I am planning to install or have installed a Mustang 2 front end. Are there any known problems?

A:We have worked with many Mustangs that have Mustang 2 front ends and have not found any problems to date with any of our wheels.

Q: How do I keep the raw (rough) center of my wheels clean and free from brake dust?

A: We recommend and use "Eagle One" (type "B") wheel cleaner exclusively on the porous shot-blasted center. For the polished & machined areas we recommend Eagle One's Never Dull.

Q: What is the proper torque rating for my lug nuts?

A: 1/2 (75 - 85 lbs. Torque)
7/16 (55 - 65 lbs. Torque)
12MM (65 - 75 lbs. Torque)

Q: I need extra center caps / lug nuts. Where can I purchase them?

A: You can purchase them directly from us or from your local distributor. We use and include with our wheels duplex style lug nuts which are sometimes hard to find. You can substitute lug nuts with a standard (60 degree) taper.

Q: Will your wheels work with my custom center caps? Will your caps work with my non Vintage Wheel Works wheels?

A: Our experience has shown there to be many different styles of custom caps available. Most use one of two bolt patterns, early and late. Our wheels are drilled for the early pattern and have a 5 on 3.550 bolt pattern which is somewhat smaller than the later pattern.

Q: Do your wheels come with center caps or lug nuts?

A: All our wheels come with a standard center cap and lug nuts. Custom center caps and lug nuts can be purchased separately from our website.

Q: I have changed my wheel stud size or my rear axle. Can you supply me with the proper lug nuts?

A: We can supply you with just about any standard lug nut size you may need. Please be sure to specify what size you need if other than original.

Q: Your shipping charges seem to be higher than regular UPS Guide Rate. Why?

A: All our shipping charges are based on a 30-pound weight rating per wheel, which is due to UPS's oversize package guidelines. We do factor in insurance and the fuel surcharge that UPS charges.

Q: I need faster delivery service or prefer to use a different carrier. What should I do?

A: If you have special shipping requests or an existing relationship with another carrier we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Just let us know your preference when placing your order.

Q: I received a wheel that is damaged. What should I do?

A: Although this does happen. It happens rarely. You need to contact Vintage Wheel Works as soon as possible ( We will help expedite a replacement. UPS has certain guidelines that both parties must follow. We can file a claim for you or release the claim to you at your request.